Tour Day #3 Canada

Tour Day #3 Victoria to Port Alberni

We get up at 6:15 and get ready. Breakfast at the  “Vista 18” again. Pack and on the road at 9:30, we pair up with Jay & Pat and Terri, Sally, and Cammie in the “Little Radio Flyer”. The Millers from Hawaii join us. We get gas at $1.21/liter.

Next stop is in Duncan where we stop and look around at all the totem poles and do some shopping.

We leave the group and go onto Nanaimo to catch up with Bruce and a fishing buddy Guy to have lunch and let Bruce and Rick catch up on old times. Bruce leads us out of town and we are on our way to Port Alberni. We decide to make a stop at the Big Tree Grove. I am more impressed with all the big maple trees and all the moss and ferns.

When we get back from the walk there are all these Model A’s in the parking lot. We thought we were the usual last ones to be coming in. It ended up that the Knudson’s A400 is putting out steam in great big clouds. Blown head gasket? Ends up Rick’s putting in the tow bar saves the day. He undoes it from under Tin Lizzie and we tow them up the hill and down into Port Alberni!

We made it in safely. Had dinner at Chance’s Rimrock Gaming Center. They presented Rick with a brake adjusting tool for being the “Hero” of the day. So a good end to another day of adventure with new and old friends.