Tour Day #8 Canada

Tour Day # 8 – From Whistler to Lillooet to 100 Mile House

We leave Whistler at 8:30, ahead of most of the group. We make our first stop at Nairn Falls, I think we are the only ones of the group that actually hike the half hour to the falls. It is really pretty along the glacial waters in the river through the trees.

We then do the steep climb up the pass and down the canyon over 11-13% grades and Tin Lizzie does not sputter or spit once! The peaks are pretty, a big deep canyon and really pretty lakes.

At the base is the little town of Lillooet. They have huge pieces of jade there.

Next we drive to Hat Creek House, still by ourselves and wonder if we are going the right direction. Once we are out of the canyon at the base it is dry & arid, a big change from what we just drove through. We meet up with the rest of the group at 2:00, just in time for the planned lunch and tour. The ranch and buildings are 150 years old.

This is 150 year old china shipped over from England. To keep it from breaking they shipped it in barrels of molasses!

This is the original wall paper that they hung on sheets of linen so it would move with the wall boards.

                                                           I liked this wash basin set.

Next we were given a tour with demonstrations of how the local tribe of Shuswap people lived back then, including their food, homes and clothing.

We ride back to the cars in a stage coach driven by the tribe elder.