Tour Day #9 Canada

Tour Day # 9 – 100 Mile House  via Williams Lake to Quesnel

Not much to report today. We get up later at 7:15. Get ready to go and Terri’s car the Little Radio Flyer won’t start. So, How many guys does it take to fix a Model A ? They try a lot of different things and by 10:30 she is running and we are off. (It ended up her distributor points weren’t closing). We don’t get but a couple blocks down the road and Tin Lizzie is just chugging and not running right at all, so we stop. Rick checks her and finds out the coil wire was loose from him trying the coil on Terri’s car. Quick and easy fix and we are on our way again.

Once on the road we go onto Williams Lake and have lunch and look around town then on our way again. But not for very far, when Jay’s car stops and Rick and he change his carberator. The highway from Williams Lake to Quesnel is just a two lane road, but the only one and very busy with traffic and big rigs and logging trucks. We pull to the side often to let them pass. The fall colors are already starting up here with the aspens turning yellow. Should get prettier as we go.
Hope everyone is enjoying Lori’s persistence in doing these daily blogs.  If it were me you would not be seeing what we have been doing.  (RJ)