Tour Day #10 Canada

Tour Day # 10 – Barkerville

I will start out with a photo of how last evening ended. I thought it was a pretty sunset as a group of us went to dinner at a steak house before retiring for the night.

 This is logging territory with fast moving logging trucks versus slower moving Model A’s! Again the fall colors are showing with yellow aspens.

Today was a day spent in Barkerville-once the largest city north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. It was named after Billy Barker from Cambridgeshire, England, one of the first to strike gold at this location in 1861. His claim was the richest and most famous and would eventually yield 37,500 ounces of gold. The history of the town was presented in various settings with actors playing different roles and people of the times. It was very informative and fun to watch.

We went to the presentation about the Cornish Water Wheel first. The actor and actress were very fun and you came away understanding how the water wheel worked and why they needed it to run the mine.

Next we see the black smith at work.
We go to the school house and what an experience it is! The school master started out by making Rick and I stand outside because we were late. Then once we went in I had to place a bonnet on so the boys weren’t distracted. Then the girls sat on one side and the boys on the other. The school master then went through rules on always addressing him as “Sir”, how to sit properly at our desk, checked everyone for lice and fleas, checked hands for cleanliness, and then progressed to the days lessons using slates. Rick was not allowed to write left handed. We were finally dismissed for the day. The school master never cracked a smile and wouldn’t let us take his picture. So onto the next place.
The school house
I mail a post card to Mom and Dad from the oldest working post office, everything is hand cancelled.
We have a buffet dinner at Wake Up Jake’s at the end of the day.
A shot of town showing the water line crossing over the street
The stage coach
A parting shot of “The preacher “& his wife (Thieles) heading down main street hand in hand towards the church!
We almost make it back to the motel with one stop to pick up some wine and the “Radio Flyer” decides not to start again. She ends up needing to be towed back.
We make it back to the motel and discover that the Radio Flyer is running!
Time to call it a day after having some of that wine.