Tour Day #16 Canada

Tour Day # 16 – From Lake Louise via Rogers Pass to Revelstoke

Well, today was a nice day, but I am going to try to make this short. (I am told I am putting too much time into doing this blog!)

We leave Lake Louise this morning and our first stop is too view the Spiral Tunnels for trains-it is where the train circles over itself in gaining elevation when the mountain is too steep to go straight up. We have the same thing at home down the canyon. We luck into a long train coming just as we arrive.

At the very bottom the silver through the trees is the train, then it goes up and goes in the tunnel at the top, circles the mountain and will come back across itself at the right.
This is where it comes back under itself. The red is the engine.
Next we make a stop at The Natural Bridge
The Natural Bridge started as a falls, then it ate the rock away through a crack forming the bridge, and they say with time the bridge will be eaten away and collapse and it will become a gorge.
We are then on our way to cross Rogers Pass, where they have the most avalanches in all of Canada. We stop at the top, have lunch and go through the museum.
It is then onto Revelstoke, by going down the pass. There is a forest fire and very smokey.
We are staying at the Hillcrest Hotel.
They have beautiful hanging baskets everywhere up here. Last night at Lake Louise we saw them cover all of them at night so they won’t freeze and uncover them in the morning.