Tour Day #18 Canada

Tour Day # 18 – Touring around Kelowna/Vernon/Lake Okanagan

We start the day by getting up at 6:00 so Rick can go help change Roger’s transmission at Bruce Fosbery’s garage. He has a car lift that he offered to let the guys use, plus a transmission.

What was going to be a couple hour job and they would join us on tour at 9:00, didn’t happen. So I join Terri, Cammie and Sally in the Radio Flyer. We leave the 4 guys behind to work on the car. Before leaving I take some pictures of some of the antiques around their house and yard.
Milk separater as a flower pot  
We are on our way  around Lake Okanagan, a lot like driving around Lake Tahoe.
Except they still have log decks on the lake.
We head on to the O’Keefe Ranch, tour it and have lunch there.
Beautiful wood burl table
Pretty bedroom set with wooden chest and unique corner chair
We travel on to the Gray Monk Winery
A little “sampling” by the group
We leave and as we are leaving I check with Rick to see how things are going, it is now 5:30, and see if he will meet us at dinner because we are a hour behind schedule so are not stopping at the hotel but going straight to dinner. Bad news, the transmission they put in was no good and so they are back to square one! They find another second gear and Rick is working on fixing the original transmission. Thus they will not be to dinner and will continue working on it.
The group leaves the winery and Terri’s car decides not to run again. This time it is her car and Jay left behind. That leaves 5 woman and Jay, so it is all on Jay. After sometime we are on our way and make it just in time for dinner.
More beautiful hanging baskets
    And a pretty sunset 
plus news that Roger’s car is running
ends another day with us having a lot to be thankful for!