Tour Day #19 Canada

Tour Day #19 – Kelowna to Harrison Hot Springs via Hell’s Gate on the Fraser River

We start today by getting up at 6:00, so Rick can go load our new prize-a new “old” B block! (hopefully with no cracks). Jay is good enough to go with Rick and they put it on the back of Jay’s car until we get to Langley and then we will put it on the trailer with Lizzie to get on home.

We start out by going 25 miles all up hill. I thought we were at the top, only to have another 15 miles up, but less steep, before we reach the actual summit. Today is our second longest day of the tour. We stop at a local fruit stand, called Secret Gardens, along the way.
You know me, always on the lookout for the closest bathroom, just in case!
Our next stop is for a picnic lunch. We stop on Nicomen River that comes into the Fraser River.
It is a really nice spot with picnic tables right on the stream. After lunch we hike up to the falls.
To see the falls you have to cross the stream. It is worth it, but Rick may have a different opinion.
In crossing he hits a slippery rock and goes down and cuts his knee pretty bad.
We head on down the Fraser River Canyon and stop at Hell’s Gate and decide to take the tram across the river and canyon. It is the deepest point of the gorge.
It is on to our final destination today after going 231 miles, we reach Harrison Hot Springs.
This is the view from our room. And we take no time in getting our suits on and soaking in the pools.