Day 2 Tour of Utah

We get up at 5:30, have breakfast at 6, get Subway sandwiches and on the road by 7:15. It is hot, dry and windy but not quite as windy as yesterday. Rick’s gut starts bothering him with severe abdominal cramps. He takes some imodium and can’t wait to get to Rachel. Hwy. 365 has got to be the biggest contestant for “loneliest highway”. It goes forever and there is nothing, but this roundup of cattle.

We make it to Ash Springs for gas  and have our picnic lunch – but not Rick, he spends his time in the bathroom. The Laughlins and Gashs head on wanting to get in before dark. We leave about 10 minutes later to continue on our own. We continue onto Cedar City and get gas, Rick decides he can make it so we don’t stop at ER. On our way over Hwy. 14 we just miss being involved in a terrible accident by literally seconds. A pickup with a utility trailer lost control on the curve and wet pavement coming down the hill towards us and hit the two pickups right behind us. We stop and help at the scene The second pickup had four children so I helped with the four year old. It took rescue an hour to get there because of no cell coverage. We finally go on and the fall colors are pretty.

We finally go on and get to Mt. Carmel Junction after dark at 7:30. It was a long, long day and Rick still does not feel well.

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