Day #3 Utah Tour

We get up at 7:30, it has rained all night. Breakfast at 8 with all the group. It is still raining. The ATV trip at Coral Pink Sand Dunes and lunch have been canceled. There has been so much rain and flooding that Zion Park is closed! The dry stream beds are now rushing with chocolate color water.

We decide to go 17 miles to Kanab for lunch. Rick is not feeling any better and right after lunch we decide we better find out what is going on. So how better to spend a rainy day than in ER???


Good news – No appy – just severe gastro with treatment just taking Pepto!

On our way back it is still raining but Rick feels better just knowing nothing serious is wrong, so we stop and go to the Moqui Cave. It was very interesting. Back to the motel and finish the day with dinner with Roger and Karen.

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