Day 5 Tour of Utah

Today we get up and are on the road by 8:00 to make it to Zion National Park before the parking spots are gone. We go through the 1.1 mile tunnel to start. While waiting to go through we see mountain sheep.

We park at the information center and get on the shuttle.  A group of eight of us decide to hike to the three Emerald Pools. It was a moderate hike but the last pool made it worth it.
Wild turkeys at the beginning of the hike.
We cross the Virgin River, which is still full of silt and running fast from the rain, but nothing like it was 24 hours ago.
We make the hike up to the pools.
We make it back down and are ready to have some lunch. It is beautiful views no matter where you look!
After lunch and listening to a lecture on the geology of the area we hop on the shuttle again and head to the River Walk up to the Narrows.
We make it to the head of the Narrows but decide we are not going to hike up through the river.
The sun on the rocks is very pretty as we hike out. We decide to go to Springdale for dinner and finish with getting an ice cream cone before driving back to the motel. I think we were the first group out this morning and the last back in but it was a very fun day with friends in beautiful country!

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