Day 6 Tour of Utah

We get up early and are on the road by 7:45. We are headed to Bryce Canyon. We start out with eight cars and soon change to three – ourselves and Bob and Marilyn and John and Judy join us. It is a very nice group. We watch the movie at the visitor center and then head to Sunrise Point so we can hike down into the hoodoos in the canyon.

We decide to go down to the Queen’s Garden.
It is a beautiful hike. It is just amazing and every direction you turn is another beautiful site. The colors are always changing depending on the light.
It is a long hot, steep climb back out, but it was worth it!
Once back up on top we had a late lunch/early dinner at the Bryce Lodge. We all had their buffet. Then it was a very enjoyable ride over the mountain from Bryce to Torrey. We saw a lot of cows, deer, and fall colors. We crested the summit at 9,600 feet, there were skiffs of snow already.
We finish the day with a very pretty sunset and make it to the motel by 7:30.

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