Day 7 Tour of Utah

We get up and have breakfast at the motel. They have a nice buffet, however it is not included with the price of the room.  But nature’s beauty makes up for it, for this is the site from our room of the sunrise!

Then we are off with Roger and Karen being our leader today. Bob and Marilynn and John and Judy join us to make a group of four. We are on our way with Capitol Reef being our first stop. We stop and watch a very nice movie at the Visitor’s Center.

We decide to go up the canyon and take the hike to the “tanks”.
We go to the end of the pavement and then take the dirt road further up the canyon until it ends and then we get out and hike up through the canyon for a mile.
It is a really pretty walk through the canyon.
The last 0.2 miles is the steepest, but worth the climb.
The “tanks” are pretty. It is amazing the amount of water that is still in them this late in the year.
There is wild life here, if you look for it, even if it is small.
Past Capitol Dome and then onto Moab where we are staying the next three days.

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