Day 8 Tour of Utah

We get up and head out to a place to get the luggage bracket welded on Lizzie. It is at a man’s home and he has a shop out back. He ends up welding both sides on the spot for only $20. We then get the oil changed on Lizzie with it being the new engine. The guys had never changed oil on a Model A before, so Rick helps out. We end up back to the motel by 10:30 and have plenty of time to go to Arches. We go with Roger and Karen and Jay, Terri, Cammie, and Sally.

Our first stop in the park after the Visitor’s Center is to Balanced Rock. From there you can see the La Sal Mountains with snow on the tops.
We drive by The Three Gossips.
We are then on our way to The Windows. Rick and I actually climb all the way up and sit in one of the windows.
With Rick’s “love” of heights this is not his favorite thing to be doing!
But we make it up and down and then have a picnic lunch with others before heading on by ourselves to go to Delicate Arch. What is a trip to Arches in Utah if you don’t climb to see it.
It is a steep 3 mile hike with some narrow places with big drop off cliffs, again not Rick’s favorite thing to do, but we make it and it is well worth it.    
Another great day ended with having dinner with friends at Zax Restaurant.

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