Day 9 Tour of Utah

Today was a “free day” to do whatever we wanted. We had said yes to Jay when he invited us to join him on a rafting trip on the Colorado River. And boy are we glad we said yes. It was a beautiful day on the river, with some class 2 rapids, wonderful weather, breath taking sites and a fantastic lunch made by Jay. I will have to add pictures later because I don’t have a water proof camera and will post some when I get them from Sally.

We make it back to the motel just in time to clean up and go to dinner with the entire group and then join the boat trip up the river and see the “Sound & Light Show”. What a fantastic show.

The guide points out a lot of faces and figures you can imagine by looking at the rocks. This one of a man’s face.
As the sun sets and the moon rises the colors on the rock walls changes.
The light show and the history of Moab coming back is like none other. I just watched and listened and didn’t take pictures.
The possibility of a new arch being formed, not to be seen in our life time but showing how things are always changing. The end of another great day, with my thinking it can’t be better tomorrow but each day brings new and different sites and things to see and do.

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