Lost Coast Tour 2016 in Tin Lizzie

Day 4: Fort Bragg to Garberville (only 75 miles, but twisty & curvy ones)

We get up fairly early at 7, have breakfast at the hotel. They have a fire in the stove, but the sun is already out today. We stop at Safeway and pick up picnic fixings, Rick gasses the car up and we are on our way by 9:30. We head up Hwy. 1 through Westport with a “potty stop”. It is a quaint small town now, but used to be the largest town on the coast in California above San Francisco. It did a lot of the shipping of lumber. Today I enjoyed picking some wild blackberries and the pretty ocean view.

           Looking down from our hotel balcony to the harbor and where we ate dinner last night.

                                             Mom in front of the hotel – Harbor Lite Lodge.

                          We make stops along the coast on Hwy. 1, it is a very pretty day.

                                                                  Ocean views are great.

                                                              Cars in Westport.

We head inland to Leggett to stop at the Drive Thru Tree.

                       Pit stop for Janet & Ralph, Rick, Lori, & Mom, John & Nancy and John & Dawn

                                          At the Chandelier Tree. It is an amazing big tree.

 Rick and Mom driving thru the tree and Rick and Lori with Tin Lizzie just coming through tree.

                                            Mom waves as she rides through the big tree!

The BIG Chandelier Tree looking at it from the side of it.

We stay and have our picnic lunch.

We go onto Garberville and check into our Inn early. As we pull into the parking area Tin Lizzie starts making a terrible noise again from the clutch. Alan Bennett helps Rick work on it. It is better but not cured. There is a mandatory driver’s meeting for the part of the tour tomorrow going to “The Lost Coast”. It should be pretty country but difficult driving. Mom sits and looks out at the pool from our room. We go to the wine and cheese hour and call it our dinner. We make it a early to bed night to get ready for tomorrow’s tour.

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