Lost Coast Tour 2016 in Tin Lizzie

Day 5 Garberville to Eureka (124 miles)

Today we get up at 7 and Rick works on Tin Lizzie again. This time he discovered the ring gear was not seated on the flywheel. So John lent him a hammer and Chris Wickersham helped him get it on. We have a quick breakfast, pack, get gas, and are on the road by 9:30. Dale & Barbara Morrison – are leaving at 10 behind the group making sure everybody makes it ok. We choose to do Option #1 Tour “the real adventure” to The Lost Coast. It starts out on the Avenue of the Giants until Founders Grove, where we turn on Mattole Road. We make a stop at the Visitors Center first.

The Redwoods trees are truly amazing, big and beautiful!

We get out and walk through some of the groves. We visit the largest tree. We head on through Honeydew, where we stop for a picnic lunch. Going forward up and down and around switchbacks and through a lot of potholes we make it to the Lost Coast! We go through Ferndale with all of its Victorian buildings and into Eureka. We eat at the Samoa Cookhouse – the last surviving cookhouse in the West. The food is great. After we look at the historic logging museum. They have a BIG chain saw exactly like Dad’s monster that he used, no wonder his back hurt. It was to bed then. I will try to add more pictures later this connection is super slow.

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