Lost Coast Tour 2016 in Tin Lizzie

Day 6 Eureka to Brookings, Oregon (114 miles)

First a couple more pictures from last night.

                                                     Victorian buildings in Ferndale.

                               Looking through the lumber museum after dinner at the Cookhouse.

                                      Hugh big chain saw just like the one Dad used to use.

Today we get up at 7:30 and have breakfast at the hotel. Pack everything in the car and leave by 9:30 to go to the Carson Mansion. We are very lucky to go inside have lunch and a private tour. It is a private club now called the Ingmar Club.

After lunch and the private tour inside we are back on the road. We head north through Gold Beach to Brookings, Oregon. On the way these bull elk went right in front on the car across the highway. A little further down were the cows.

The Oregon coast and redwoods are always pretty.

                                                              Even if it is foggy today.

                                                The mist coming through the trees is pretty.

                                      This is the beach from looking out of our motel room.

                                              A lot of drift wood, not very much sun today.

We were told today at the Carson Mansion that the hottest ever recorded in Eureka was 87*!
We checked into our motel right on the beach, Beach Front/Best Western. Rick helped Alan change a flat tire on his car and we went to dinner at a place right across the street. It had great sea food. To bed by 9 it will be an early day tomorrow.

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