Lost Coast Tour 2016 in Tin Lizzie

Day 9 Eureka to Fort Bragg (146 miles)

Here are some pictures of the bull elk from yesterday by Orick.

Today we get up and it is very foggy. We decide to head down Hwy. #101 because we came up on the Avenue of the Giants and with it so foggy didn’t think we would see a whole lot of new things. We stop in Garberville and fill up our gas tanks. We stop at Richardson Grove and had a picnic lunch. 

We turn at Leggett and go on Hwy. # 1 down to Fort Bragg. It is really curvy but a very pretty route. We stop along the coast, which is beautiful today.

There were a lot of pelicans. One was a mother with a baby, that looked like she was trying to teach the little one how to catch fish. It was cute to watch them.

                                                 Mom enjoyed the ride along the coast.

We continued on into Fort Bragg. We checked in to our hotel The Harbor Lite Lodge at 3:30.
We gathered at the Jorgensen’s room on their deck and share a bottle of wine that we had bought when we were in the wine country earlier on in the trip. Then we went to dinner at D’Aurelios – an Italian restaurant. It was VERY good food. It was a pretty sunset over the ocean but I missed getting a picture. We took a short walk along the beach and back to the hotel by 8.

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