Lost Coast Tour 2016 in Tin Lizzie

Day11 – From Fort Bragg to Rohnert Park via Hwy. 20 to Hwy. 101 (133 miles)

First to finish yesterday’s blog. We enjoyed ice cream cones from Cowlick’s Creamery at the Botanical Gardens before heading to the lighthouse. After the lighthouse we ordered pizza and had it in the patio area at the hotel.

Oh, and this is “Charlie” a cypress tree John couldn’t go home without!

Today we got up and decided to not go the entire coast route back , repeating what we did going up. So we went Hwy. 20 from Fort Bragg through the trees to Willits, then down Hwy. 101. We stopped on the Russian River at a park outside of Cloverdale and had our picnic lunch.

We arrive in Rohnert Park at 2:30 and are hot so decide to cool off with a dip in the pool.
Tonight is the last night of the tour. We have the banquet dinner and head for home tomorrow. It has gone by quickly and without any bad incidents and I think everyone had a good time.

                                     Susie Bennett laughing at Gary McCall’s pirate getup.

                                                                Alan & Susie Bennett

                                                             Bob & Joyce Travis

                                                                     Chris Wickersham

                                                                    John & Judy Hulstrom

                                                               Joyce & Gary McCall

                                                               Ralph & Janet Miller

                                                                Ronn & Barbara Polglase

                                                                    John & Dawn Bower

                                                                 Nancy & John Jorgensen

Rick, Lori & Mom

We had a nice Italian banquet to end everything. Gil gave everybody a tooth pick holder made from “old growth” redwood from an old split rail fence as a momento to remember the trip by.