The Starting of Our Portugal & Spain Trip in Our Model A – March 2017

This year broke our five year drought and we have had record breaking snow! I80 has been closed more often than not lately so we have been keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to get Tin Lizzie over the hill to ship her for the trip. We had another snow storm Sunday March 5th and got another eight inches of snow at the house. I80 was closed until 3:30 PM on the 6th. But luck is on our side and we load Tin Lizzie on the morning of the 7th and make it out of our driveway – that was the first big hurdle! We leave and have light snow showers over Donner Pass but make it down to Woodland with no problems, except Tin Lizzie is a nice grey color from all the slush and salt. The motel is super nice and lets us use a hose and water to wash her off. Bob and Marilyn meet us with their Model A. They brought it down from their home in British Columbia. Trailer with snow on it. Driveway and tractor before Rick plows out.  Loading Tin Lizzie in the snow.   Cleaning off the mud, slush, and salt after coming over Donner Summit.

Lizzie loaded with our luggage.

 Rick unloading Lizzie .

Tin Lizzie and Bob & Marilyn’s Vicky in warehouse waiting to be shipped.

On Thursday we left Bob & Marilyn. We went to Dale and Karen Barry’s home to see about leaving the trailer. Very nice offer but just not very doable with our trailer. We had lunch with them and headed on. We end up staying the night at Jay & Pat’s, in Cambria. Jay fixes us a fantastic dinner – would you expect anything else? We are thankful for the invite to spend the night (to us wayward people who show up on their doorstep). We leave in the morning after breakfast at Linn’s and go to Carrie & Nick’s in San Jose. The drive up 101 is quite enjoyable, nothing like the driving in LA! It is great to see Carrie & Nick. We spend the night and head for home on Saturday with a stop at IKEA in Sacramento. On home with a new couch for the cabin and book shelves for Preston. It is amazing that the snow at home is basically gone with the temperature hitting 70 on Saturday. Sunday finds us in ER with Rick having severe shoulder pain. The good news is nothing cardiac and no clot, but no answers as to why the pain. Monday to the doctor with X-rays and waiting to see what they show. Hopefully better by May.