Day 4, Thursday May 4, Portugal and Spain Trip

Today started with getting breakfast in the hotel. Then we headed to the warehouse to get our Model A’s. Lizzie was dusty and the  front bumper had been removed. Rick and Kenny work on putting the bumper and tool box back on. Next to start her up, she has power but a little hard to start when they have totally drained her gas. So with the help of some added gas she starts right up. It is a stop at the nearest gas station with gas being $1.52/liter (which is about $6/gallon).

Rick and I are off on our own to find the Pena Palace, over cobblestone roads that are narrow and quite steep in some places. We make a few wrong turns but find the Portuguese people very friendly and helpful. Old Sintra is a very unique and fascinating town.

We make it to the Pena Palace and the National Park. The trails through the park to reach the palace on top of the mountain are very pretty.

  We reach the palace on the very top.

Some of the carvings on the outside of the palace.

We walk the outside of the palace with great views of Sintra below, even though it is overcast today.

 Some of the stained glass windows.

We head back to the car, we think but, when we reach houses of old town we stop a driver of a tuk-tuk and ask questions. It turns out we took a wrong turn and have walked about 3 1/2 miles away from Lizzie. The driver says “Oh, I know where your car is, I took pictures of it.” So for 5 euros a piece we get a ride back up the mountain in a tuk-tuk to Lizzie! The driver and a fellow driver are extremely helpful and friendly and give us directions back to the hotel. All adding to the adventure.

We get back to the hotel and meet up with Bob and Marilynn and they want to know if we want to go to old town Sintra and have dinner? We say sure, we know the way but decide to take a cab this time. We all try traditional Portuguese things including: green cabbage soup, codfish, and a sweet tart  for dessert. Then it was back to the hotel. It is now raining. We will see what tomorrow holds.