Day 6, Saturday – from Figueira de Foz to Porto, Portugal

Well today starts off with a bang because Lori is thinking we are staying here two nights, but not! The luggage van is loaded and I don’t have all our bags packed and am asked to make more room for Shirley and Ken. So in my hurry to load and unload things I manage to lose the key to Lizzie! As is usual things work out , I find the key on the floor under the seat, get bags packed and to luggage van and move things to other cars and we are off and away. We want to take the back roads and stay off the toll roads as much as is possible, but as they say this is easier said than done.

The road signs are few and far between and not always easy to find.

Which way now?

We stop for our morning pit stop. They are BBQing  filleted chickens, at least 30 of them over coals. They are expecting a big group this afternoon.

Our next stop is at Praia de Mira for lunch. It is right on the beach. Their fishing boats are long with very pointed ends.

I have calamari for lunch and Rick has sole.

The buildings in Praia de Mira are all painted in stripes in different colors.

They have some kind of sailboat event going on.

We head on down the road to find the ferry to cross over to go onto Porto. We find the lighthouse first and then the ferry.

Loading on the ferry and looking back at the lighthouse we just went by.

A lot of colorful fishing boats.

Then there was the journey of getting to our hotel in Porto! This was not an easy task to say the least. This is the street to get into the hotel garage. From here Rick had to make a 90* turn to get in the garage, followed immediately by another 90* turn in the opposite direction going down a steep decline to have them say there was no more room to put Lizzie. Well needless to say you couldn’t just turn around and you certainly could not back out. So what to do???? Bob finally moves his Vicky way over and Rick makes one tight space fit two Model A’s! Needless to say we are not moving Lizzie until it is time to leave. Everything we do in Porto will be on foot or the Hop On Hop Off bus. At least we didn’t come in on the trouble trailer as two of the other cars had to.

We were served a nice meal and it is time to go to bed. Tomorrow will be a rest day of no driving and enjoying the sites.