Day 8, Monday from Porto to Lamego

Pedro, and Papa and Mama Anna and their Model A

Driving on the cobblestone roads.

Pedro took us to a fantastic place for lunch.

Model A’s – Bob & Marilyn, Jim & Kathy and us behind in Portugal.

Our Lady of Remedies

Entrance to Casa Dos Viscondes Da Vereza where we stayed the night.

One of the dining rooms where we had breakfast.

Rick at the entrance to our room and our bed.

Looking out over the vineyards down to Lamego with a full moon before we call a close to another day.


We get up early so Rick can warm up Lizzie and get her out of the garage. All to no avail, he still stalls and hits the license plate on the front bumper but gets out. We head to a special garage and car collection. They have a 31 Roadster , not to mention three buildings full of cars. The son’s name is Pedro and mama’s is Anna.They share their place with us as well as help out Dale Barry on his car. They then lead us out of Porto, which was a very good thing. They take us to get gas and then onto a wonderful place to eat lunch in the Douro Valley. The Douro Valley is a beautiful drive along the river, up and down and around through the mountains and vineyards. It is a Model A road and thanks to help from local people and the gps and maps we make it to tonights stay at ┬áCasa Dos Viscondes Da Vareza. We stop to take pictures of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies, built in 1750. It is known for all the steps leading up to it. It is in the town of Lamedo. We have an unbelievable spread for dinner and hear the history of the place from Maria the owner. Rick discovers that two of the lug nuts on one of Lizzie’s wheels have loosen and are gone. It is lucky we didn’t lose a wheel. It is probably all the jarring from the cobblestone streets that loosened them.