Day 9, Tuesday – From Lamego, Portugal to Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain

Where we stopped and then almost got hit.

Driving the streets through the towns.

The entrance to the walled town part of Trancoso. We stop here for lunch and eat at a small one woman operated deli. We have fresh made little pizzas and a pastry of course for dessert. It was like a glazed donut stuffed with egg custard and almonds.

Typical site of washed clothes hung on balcony to dry.

 Church in Trancoso

Rick & Lizzie next to the walled city – Trancoso

We get up and have breakfast in two beautiful large dining rooms. Rick helps look at Dale’s car and we are on our way after a small shuffle to have Pam join our group. We get to the entrance to the vineyard and come within inches of a large truck hitting us broadside. Thank goodness for Rick’s quick reaction. We of course now have lost the others by stopping. So where do we head now? We ask a local truck driver and he says he will lead us to the main road. Bob calls us on the cell phone and we end up finding them and are on our way again. We want to stay off the highway and go on the smaller roads through the towns.

We go until we reach Trancoso and need to make a pit stop and have lunch. It is then onto Guarda and across the border into Spain. A piece of cake, just drive through not even stopping. Easier than driving through the bug stations into California! When almost to Ciudad Rodrigo Lizzie starts making a funny noise and I start to worry. We stop at the side of the freeway and Rick finds it is the air filter that has fallen off and melted on the exhaust. I open the door to put it on the floor board and manage to drop my camera to the ground. It breaks my camera and I am close to tears. We drive onto our hotel. It is even better than last night. We have dinner in a big room together. Rick goes and helps change Terri’s tire since she had a flat today. Pat is so gracious to loan me an extra camera she has. I am most grateful and now feel all isn’t lost. To bed for tomorrow is another packed day of activities.