Day 10, Wednesday – From Ciudad Rodrigo to Salamanca, Spain

Well after getting over yesterday’s disaster, we get up and when I get out of the shower I realize my diamond in my engagement ring is gone. I search the room high and low over and over to find nothing. I am devastated. Then just before leaving the room I put my hand in my jeans pocket and there it is! Luck was with me for it to have come out of the setting in my pocket. It is now safely tucked away to not come out until we are home. Carla leads us out of the city to a ranch where they breed and raise bulls for bullfighting and we are honored to watch a demonstration of a bull fight.


Going out of town.


Going out to the ranch.           Cows and bull coming in.

The matador and the riders on horses that also fight the bull from horseback with Lizzie in the background.

Next it is a drive to a big auto museum. These poppies are everywhere here.


The cathedral view out our hotel room.

Our hotel in Salamanca.