Day 11, May 2017, from Salamanca to Zamora, Spain

First a couple of pictures from our gourmet dinner last night.

 Marilyn, Rick, & Bob

Ken and Shirley

We get up and have breakfast (good quiche & custard pastries for me). Then we walk over to town by the Roman bridge to see the sites.

Ken, Bob, Marilyn, Jim, Kathy, Pam, Terri, and Rick.

I am still amazed at how narrow all the streets are and how old all the buildings are. However there is a lot of construction everywhere with large cranes to rebuild the old buildings. We are now in Salamanca and can see the cathedral from anywhere in the city. It was all lit up with lights last night.

We take the little shuttle train around to see the highlights of the town. To go through the cathedral you have a buy a tour. But it is very pretty from the entrance and the outside.

We go back to our cars and head onto the next stop which is Zamora. We again go the lesser traveled road and it is a nice drive even with the rain. We go via a small town of Penausende and stop for lunch. We find a great restaurant recommended by a local for lunch, named La Becera. In the entree there is an ancient board used to make flour. It is made from wood with small stones implanted to rub the grain against to make the flour. The chef comes out and is our interpreter. The lunch started with baskets of bread, then came a plate of lasagna, then the main course was a choice of pork with potatoes or fish (we chose the fish which was a white fish filet and mussels) and then came a choice of 4 different selections for dessert (we chose the cheese cake) and wine and water were included. To finish up with a cup of coffee and all this for only 7.50E/person! We continue on to Zamora and half way there Rick discovers that he left his Model A Touring cap at the restaurant. The front desk is wonderful and a lady calls to the restaurant and they will bring his hat to the hotel tomorrow. Rick is currently doing some laundry while I am doing the blog.

A site along our way to Zamora. The weather and sites are reminding me of Scotland. Rock walls to keep sheep in, rock buildings, and rain.

Ancient board used to grind flour.

Lunch stop in Penausende.

Just as a little side note yesterday when we went to the car museum in Salamanca the local newspaper sent out photographers and took some pictures. And guess who made the local newspaper today? None other than the foursome riding in Lizzie!