Day 12, Exploring Zamora, Spain

After breakfast at 9, we head out to do the historical walking tour of the city of Zamora. Once again the city is old and very fascinating. There are the largest number of Romanesque churches here in all of Europe. So there is no way to do it justice with my pictures but here are some.

Today was a rest from driving and we do all walking the city of Zamora.

The government building with the shield and flags.


We meet in a city plaza. The storks build their nests high up everywhere.

Note the stork on her nest.

Trees are pruned in an interesting manner to make a canopy over square.

 Carvings and “little” seats in choir .

The ceilings and walls have beautiful paintings. There is very little of the original paint left, but they have recreated the paintings.

There are huge tapestries done from the fifteenth centuries.

Tapestry showing the killing of “Achilles”.

Each tapestry covers an entire wall and one tapestry would be about 2 1/2 years worth of work, done from behind using a mirror to see the front.

The Douro River that flows from Zamora to Porto.

The only remaining original entrance arch to the walled/protected portion of the city.

The twosome under an arch in Zamora, Spain.


Some of the carvings that remain.

 Added modern support arches.

Nice paintings are placed on building walls so the new generation will not put graffiti on walls with a painting already on them.

We stop in a restaurant that was recommended to us by the tour guide. Very expensive, but also very authentic Spanish food that we would not of otherwise chosen.

It was a 6 course meal. It started with a tomato soup, then bread and then goat cheese wrapped with salmon and topped with pine nuts, then chicken topped with shrimp, chickpeas, next veal and mushrooms, and to finish with dessert of chocolate, ice cream, truffle and a cream filled roll.

We are now headed to a evening puppet show. Probably all in Spanish but another new experience. Will write more tomorrow.