Day 13, Saturday – from Zamora to Toro to Tordesillas

First an addendum to yesterday. When we got back to the hotel Rick’s hat was at the front desk. It was so nice of the restaurant. We also had fun at the puppet show (all in Spanish), but a fun experience. We walk back through town at 10 PM and the town is hopping with activity.

Today we get up and head out to Toro. We go on a tour of an old local vinery – Farina. They sell there wine internationally. Beautiful theatre, puppet show.

Leaving the hotel in Zamora.

 The winery, Farina in Toro.


Coming into Toro.

Toro is built up on the top of cliffs over the valley and the Douro River.

We also tour a cheese factory and do sampling. The interesting thing to me was that the cheese was made from sheep milk.

 There are wild poppies and wildflowers all along the roads.

In the towns there are beautiful rose gardens everywhere.

Once in town we end up in a very narrow street that dead ends into the main plaza. Oops! So it means 5 Model A’s have to totally back clear down the street because there is no way to turn around.    Locals reaction to our predicament.

We do the rest of the city on foot.

There are always storks on the top of roofs, up by the cross and bells.

 They have baby chicks in the nests.

Last night I bought a pair of little sewing scissors with the handle being a stork. It was in a very little one man shop that was a knife shop. His grinders to do sharpening were all run on a old belt system.

We ended at a plaza at the end of town that overlooked the cliffs into the valley and the Douro River – where we had just come from. Magnificent view!

It is then onto Tordesillas. We look around, have drinks and pizza in the main square and head to bed in our 2×2 room with 2 twin beds separated by a night stand. Maybe not our most romantic night together, but talk to the kids and are thankful for everything we have.