We get up and have a croissant and orange juice for breakfast, then meet the rest of our group that stayed in another hotel across the river. Before we leave Kathy and Jim are awarded the “Dino Trophy” for the day for forgetting their passports at the last hotel.

We drive through various kinds of country. First through vineyards, then through some pine tree area (where it looked like they were tapping the trees and collecting the sap/pitch), and then through an agriculture area.

On to see the castle in Penafiel. It is once again on top of the outcrop of rocks.

It is then down the hill and on to find a lunch stop.

View of the city with the bull fighting ring!

We make it to the hotel in Aranda and wanted to tour the catacombs under the city but because it is Sunday they aren’t open and don’t open until after 10 tomorrow. So social hour will start early today. Dinner is at 8.