Day 15, Monday – from Aranda de Duero to Logrono via Soria

Today we start by Rick changing the carburetor because yesterday Lizzie was running rough and he discovered the jet was missing out of the carburetor.

Our hotel in Aranda.

We go into town of Aranda de Duero to see the sites.

This was our welcoming committee, where we parked next to a park.

This is our fearless leader, who is so far ahead he sits and waits for all his ducklings to catch up! (Bob is sitting on the park bench, then  Kathy,Rick, Jim, Ken, Marilynn, Shirley and me bringing up the rear taking pictures.)

  This is the church, Santa Maria la Real. Its construction dates back to the end of the 14th century.

The arch over the front doors is done with Nativity scenes.

 The front doors are carved in wood.

There is fine detail, but they have worn with the years.

Showing details in the carvings over the front doors.

Next we go and find the medieval warehouse, (underground cellar).

We walk around the town and the guys head back because Rick changes the carburetor again. So while he does that I go shopping in a nice little boutique that the owner has been there for 18 years and I buy a dress. We go on out of town and stop in front of the bull fighting ring.

And of course one more picture of the storks.

We head on our way to Logrono. We stop numerous times to find a place to eat but a lot are closed. We find one in Almarza -great ham & bean soup

We go through a lot of various countryside today.

Vineyards and fields.

Churches in every small town.

Their fields are a vivid green in comparison to their deep red soil. We go through an area that looks a lot like Utah with cliffs and rocks with arches.

Our first sighting of snow again since we left home.

Coming down a curvy canyon, following the river.

Coming into Logrono.

We walk into town and see another church and go to dinner at a great little street cafe.

We get back to the hotel at 10:30 and it is time to go to bed.