Day 17, Wednesday in Bilbao

We get up and have a great selection for breakfast at the hotel. Rick and Bob go down after breakfast to look at Jay’s brakes.

We decide to stay in the city because going by our selves to the caves in this big city doesn’t sound like fun. So the Hop On – Hop Off bus it is. We see a lot of sites. This is a big city with one million people.

One of the bridges over the Ria de Bilbao, with typical city buildings.

  Statue is of a man riding a peacock.

 Main plaza with cypress trees.

 Ria de Bilbao during the day.

Shirley & Ken talking with lady from Norway. And Jim, Ken, and Rick taking a break in the plaza while waiting for the bus.

This is what the majority of the apartment yards consist of, several stories up. I guess I am spoiled with our 3 acres of space at home with the stream running in the back yard.

It is a city of both old with statues and churches and the new architecture. With shiny high rises and the Guggenheim Bilbao.

We visit the Guggenheim.  Art pieces, including spider in front of Guggenheim. It is raining quite hard at this time.

We stop at the La Ribera Market for lunch. It is reported the largest market place in Europe.

We go to the Basque Museum, but it is about religious artifacts rather than the history of the Basque people.

We finish the day by stopping at a bar and having tapas. It is very good. Once again it is late and I will just get this posted before it is tomorrow, so ends another great day.