Day 21, Sunday, from Zaragoza to Barcelona (with an addendum from last night)

First I have to add last night. It was a fantastic day and ended with flamenco dancing and Spanish singing. 

One of the dancers was only about 10 years old.

Kathy gets up and dances with them.

 Then a man & woman dance.

The group singing.

Then there was a celebration for Ken’s 85th birthday.

And we presented Bob & Marilynn a thank you for being our groups leader.

Our little group of driving together.

Now onto today. Our last time parking down the sharp corners into the underground parking. Always a treat trying to get in and out! (some places it was 12euros/night to park)

Today we again have a police escort out of town and then the local club leads us leads us to a little village Alfajarin for breakfast and to say goodbye. Along the way we start seeing these huge “bulls” on the mountains beside the road.

This is the village for breakfast.

And of course on the church steeple one last picture of a mother stork and her baby.

Jay makes the news in another paper. And some of the group that I didn’t get the other day.

John and Lin Bieback

Pat & Jay Burbank

Terri Padgett

Some of the gang – Marilynn, Heidi, Lin, and Carla.

On our way from Zaragoza to Barcelona the country side becomes much drier and flat.

We make a stop in Montblanc an old medieval town for lunch.

We have a great lunch in an old building and head onto Barcelona. Coming into Barcelona is a long very curvy narrow road, not unlike highway #1 on the coast in California. As we are coming down we lose all power, it is a blown fuse. Rick changes it and we continue on down the coast.

Coming into Barcelona.

We get into the hotel and get Lizzie loaded to ship tomorrow. Still need to get our bag of shoes back from Carla. Rick goes down to visit and I do the blog. The connection here is terrible. To bed and will try getting this out in the morning.