Well Day 1 doesn’t really start on Day 1 of the tour. It is all in the preparation. So Rick started by replacing boards on the car hauling trailer. That turned into more of a project then we had hoped, but it is done and looks nice.

Next we needed to replace the tires on Tin Lizzie. That went well (easy for me to say). But then Minnie wasn’t about to have the “old gal” out do her! So the next project was replacing all six tires on Minnie.

Of course there is the usual changing of oil and general maintenance. And last the packing – “Do we really need all of these clothes?”  We went to Africa and only took a backpack a piece.  We also got Mom all moved to Carrie and Nick’s for this trip, she will have to enjoy this trip via this blog as will any one else that follows us, I hope. Oh well I think we are actually hooked up and ready to go in the morning.


The new planks on the trailer
New tires for Lizzie
Lizzie loaded and ready to go

Jorgensen’s are loaded up too