Elko to Evanston

Today, Sunday, September 2nd we get up early, maybe due to the trains that run right behind the park?? Have a nice camp breakfast and are on the road again by 8:30. We go through a lot of different terrain, but I80 between Elko and Salt Lake City has to be a close contest to Hwy. 50 for “The Loneliest Highway” ! ¬†We cross the Salt Flats with a brief stop, pass the Great Salt Lake, pass the Morton’s Salt Factory and then through Salt Lake City. We go through Parley’s Canyon and stop and get gas for $3.79/gal., not bad Bridgeport still has it beat at $5.00/gal. We make a side trip to Rick’s sister and brother-in-laws cabin. They totally built it themselves. It is beautiful. It is up at 8,000 feet in the aspen trees with a fantastic view. Their nearest neighbors are moose – who come right under their deck. They feed us dinner and we are on our way. We make it to Philips RV Camp in Evanston at 7:30.


Following “Oliver” and Jorgensen’s
Some of the terrain along the way
Looking over the Salt Flats
Our two rigs at the Salt Flats.
The Bonnieville Salt Flats
Morton’s Salt Factory
The Great Salt Lake
A special stop to see Rick’s sister and husband and the cabin they built.