Reno to Elko

We are on the road by 8:30. It is quite smoky today and gets worse as we go. I am thinking it might be from the big fire by Elko. Through out the day we are passed by a lot of “Firefighting Support” trucks: from mobile meals to aerial support trucks. As we go through Nevada I wonder how different the “Black Hills” and the “Badlands” of South Dakota will be from some of our terrain? The area is desolate but pretty and unique in its own way. We are also passed by playa dust covered vehicles heading home from “Burning Man”. Each to his own, however a trip in a Model A is more to my tasting. Speaking of Model A’s, Lizzie is relaxing and enjoying the ride! Especially going up the grades into Elko. We arrive in Elko about 5 and I fix tacos for everyone, making fresh guacamole and using  fresh tomatoes from our garden. We finish off dinner with “little” ice cream cones (only 2 inches tall) that Nancy and John brought. They were so cute! Life is all about  enjoying the simple and little things, right? So ends our first day on the road this time.


Showing the smoky haze.
Showing Nevada’s Black Hills/Badlands


Lizzie enjoying the free ride!
Enjoying our first camp dinner, including the “little” ice cream cones!