Evanston, WY to Cheyenne, WY

We were lazy today and didn’t get up until 7:30. First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM! Have a great day. We had breakfast and were on the road by 8:40. Last night we discovered that going over these bumpy freeways had jostled things in the outside cabinet on the motorhome and lodged it shut so we couldn’t get into any of our hoses, table, chairs, etc. Not sure how we are going to get it open.

By 10:30 we make a pit stop in Green River. They have neat rock formations and history about mining soda ash. We go by Table Rock, cross the Continental Divide twice, last at 7000 feet. We stop in Rawlins at the city park by an old train engine and have BBQ’d hot dogs. We hit cross winds about 20 miles out of Laramie and our ” check engine” light comes on. We stop and Rick checks the oil – adds some, checks the gas cap and we head on. Oh by the way we managed to get the back cabinet door open!

We go on and make a final stop at The Lincoln Monument. It is to commemorate the Lincoln Highway – America’s first transcontinental automobile road, 3,500 mile route from NY to SF. It is also placed at the highest point on I80 at 8640 feet elevation. It starts raining here and continues for about the next 20 miles. ¬†We arrive at our camp site in Cheyenne at AB RV camping at 5:45.

We end the day with having BBQ hamburgers for dinner.

Rock formations around Green River
Table Rock in Wyoming
Picnic lunch in Rawlins park
Old train engine at park in Rawlins
Who has more wild Mustang horses, Nevada or Wyoming?
The Lincoln Monument in commemoration of the Lincoln Highway

We stopped at the highest point on Interstate 80