Cheyenne to Spearfish, South Dakota

We get up at 6:30, shower and have breakfast. Tank up, gas is $2.79/gal., and ready to go by 8:30. We take I-25/ US-85 N. It is a two lane road, but more scenic than taking the freeway. We hit some crosswind gusts, but not bad. It definitely is prairie grasslands. I again think it might be in the running for “Loneliest Highway” against Hwy. 50! We stop at Lusk for our picnic lunch. I luck out and find a small herd of pronghorn antelope! We aren’t moving in a car and they are in a grass field fairly close. So I now have my official picture of pronghorn and you can actually tell what they are.

We continue on and just heading into Spearfish Canyon are some pretty rock formations. The canyon itself is pretty and tomorrow we will make stops at the falls. We get to the Holiday Inn and unload Lizzie – the end of her free ride for now. We register and the South Dakota/Black Hills Tour has officially begun.

With snow fences all along the highway.
All you can see clear to the horizon is grasslands.
Pronghorn antelope

Rock formations outside of Lusk before starting into Spearfish Canyon.

We unload the Model A’s in Spearfish, South Dakota
The South Dakota Tour has begun!