Devils Tower

We get up at 6 and have breakfast. We are on the road at 8:45. We are a group of five cars to start and pick up two others on the way. On the way we make a stop in an old town called: Hulett. We had fun there until the antique shop owner decided to get grumpy with us and I thought he might try to really put us in jail or in coffins! We escaped and headed on.  We enter Devils Tower National Monument with ease with one exception: Marilynn had a “senior moment” and couldn’t remember her birthdate! When they take me away will someone come rescue me? We hike to the base of the tower and get a fantastic view of the valley below. We watch a couple climb half way up the tower and then come down. We head on, passing prairie dog town and make a stop in Sundance and have a picnic lunch. After lunch as we are headed back to Spearfish  we end up in a race with a large buck. He was really pretty with a big rack. This time I do get a picture of him on the run as we are going by in the car. Maybe my photo skills are improving? After getting back to Spearfish we drive up Spearfish Canyon as far as Bridalveil Falls and then head back to the hotel. It was a fun first day.

We are in the middle of the pack.
Taking a little rest on a “FORD” bench.
Part of the group at a stop in Hulett
This is what happens to me if they catch up with me!
Bob was part of our scheme and look what happened to him!
Cute turkey welded together of car parts!
First look at Devils Tower
Entering into Monument
America’s First National Monument.

Devils Tower
Are we enjoying the day?
The race is on

Looks like we are “behind”!

Bridalveil Falls in Spearfish Canyon
The end of a fun day.