Mt. Rushmore

Today we all traveled together to Mt. Rushmore. We did group pictures of the cars with Mt. Rushmore in the back ground and then went to see the sites.

Rick and Lizzie in front of Mt. Rushmore
Cars in front of Mt. Rushmore
Mt. Rushmore

Lori and Rick at Mt. Rushmore

Up close and personal with the four:

George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson


Theodore Roosevelt

Next we take a ride on the old steam engine 1880 train.

The 1880 train taking on water before we start.

Some of us who took the train ride: Jim and Kathy, Bob and Marilynn, and John and Nancy.
All aboard, we are off and going.

We go through pretty country with rock walls, trees, stream, and meadows. There are a lot of deer. It is an hour ride each way. When we get back we go to dinner and then return to Mt. Rushmore for the night lighting ceremony.

Mt. Rushmore at dusk .
And with lights after dark.

The end of another full day of fun.