Crazy Horse Memorial and Needles Hwy.

We all leave together to Crazy Horse and they set us up for a photo op with the cars and Crazy Horse as the back drop.

Coming into Crazy Horse
First view of Crazy Horse.
The whole group of A’s in fore ground of Crazy Horse.
Lori, Rick and Lizzie at Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse with its slow progress.

It doesn’t seem like they have made much progress since Rick and I were here 30 years ago. The face is complete and they say the arm and his hair ┬áis what they are working on now. They are now on the third generation of the Korczak Ziolkowski family working on it. They have added a lot more to the visiting area however and it is very informative about native American culture.

Marilynn & Bob and Rick & I take the bus tour closer to the base of the sculpture.
A close up of Crazy Horse’s face.

We spend time seeing everything: watch film, Indian Museum, Sculptor’s Studio/home, Bison exhibit, other beautiful sculpture’s done, the 1/34 scale model of Crazy Horse, and watch a native Lakota do the hoop dance.

We have lunch and head to Needles Hwy, a very pretty windy road.

This guy was posing for all to see!
All I wanted to take from him was his picture and the joy of seeing him in nature.
One of several narrow tunnels we went through. The fall colors are just starting.
We reach the “Needles”
The guys and their cars: Bob, John, and Rick.
Lizzie at the “Needles”
The Needles Hwy.
We head through the last one-way tunnel.

We get back just in time before a quick little thunder storm. It was a great day!