Hill City to Custer State Park to Hot Springs

We start the day by going over Iron Mountain Road. It is: 17 miles long, with 314 curves, 14 switchbacks, 3 pigtails, 3 tunnels, 4 Presidents, and 2 splits! We had fun doing it.

The first thing we saw was a mother mountain goat and this was her baby.
We go through tunnels
One of the 314 curves
One last view of Mt. Rushmore

We head onto Custer State Park. This is a place where all creatures great or small, slow or fast are a wonder to see!

The slowest creature we saw today. Marilynn rescued it from getting hit on the road.
The fastest creature on this continent!
The smallest creature I saw today was this pretty green grasshopper.
And what would a drive thru the prairie be without a picture of these guys!
The greatest creature of course was this fellow!
This guy came right up to our car. They are such beautiful creatures.

I can’t believe what it must have been like in years past with the thousands of bison on the plains. I can only compare it to seeing the great migration in Africa. It is an awesome sight that I will never forget.

Seeing a herd of buffalo in the grasslands.

We can’t do a trip without a “fix-it” moment. John and Nancy’s car would not start at the Visitor’s Center. The group to the rescue, never leaving one stranded is the name of the game, right?

The “new” ignition switch, but it worked enough to get him back to the motel.

Today we travel through a lot of different terrain:

Through pretty tree area
Through the pine trees
By mountain lakes
Through rolling grasslands

And like the creatures of this great land, some of us go fast and some of us go slow, but we all end up getting to the same place having seen a lot of new places!

We end the day in Hot Springs and four of us Kathy and Jim and Rick and I relax and enjoy the hot springs which the town was named after.

We take “The Plunge”
Very nice hot springs with no added chemicals at a nice 87*
I just liked this mural

Add another good day spent with nature, seeing new places and enjoying doing it with friends and sharing our adventures with those who couldn’t join us.