Winner to Vermillion, via Yankton

We get up and have breakfast. Rick tries to find a solenoid for John’s car but with no luck. So we stay behind the rest of the group and drive with John and Nancy. He needs to hot-wire it every time he needs to start it.

However the theme of the day is WIND, CORN, and HAY! And more of the same for 228 miles.

Corn fields for as far as you can see!
Acres of fields with huge “rolls” of hay. They don’t do bales here.
More hay and corn
And the scenery doesn’t change much – more hay and corn!

Meanwhile the wind is making us see what life on the prairie is all about. There are no trees or mountains to help buffer it. I knew there was a reason I love living in the mountains!

Our first sight of the Missouri River.

I am truly amazed how big the Missouri River is.

Right before crossing over the Missouri.
Crossing the Missouri River. (I am actually included in a picture – ha-ha).
A stop on the way to help change Art and Olive’s flat tire.

We make a stop for lunch in Yankton at JoDean’s Restaurant. We are the last ones to come in. It is a buffet. I like the decor.

Surprised that we would choose a restaurant that has old vehicles inside? And a FORD at that.
Here is a ride for you Carrie & Nick.
A pretty wooden sleigh
Note the gas had lead. Now we try to find gas without alcohol!

We go onto the Gavin’s Point Dam and the Lewis and Clark Visitor’s Center.

Gavin’s Point Power House and Dam.
The water going from the lake through the power house back into the river.

We go through the Lewis and Clark Museum and watch a good movie on their expedition.

Guess why the leaves are going horizontal instead of vertical? Yep the wind didn’t go away while we were inside!

We get to Vermillion our home for the night. Rick again tries to find parts for John with no luck. However he is successful in helping Bill with his brakes with parts he brought.

Bill working on his brakes.

We all enjoy a long “happy-hour” and then hit the sack.