Sioux Falls to Watertown

We get up and have breakfast. Janet’s pickup won’t start again. Larry Nixon and others stay to help her. Bill’s brakes still have a problem so he is taking it to a shop. With everyone being helped we head out on the country roads toward Watertown. It is through guess what? Cornfields! It is pretty in its own way, but certainly not my mountains and trees.

Through corn fields
The corn is dry in some fields already.

We make a stop because Rick gets drowsy, maybe a lack of change of scenery?
So I take advantage and get my up and close personal shot, this time of corn!

We head on following our directions very carefully and guess what we come too?

This, so we have two choices right or left?
We went through this by going left. One by one we are loosing people from our group of 7 starting out.

We continue but Rick gets drowsy again so we pull over and I take over driving. Next thing we know is John says I have trouble and has stopped. I turn around and go back to them.

Nancy calls the trouble truck and they say where are you? The obvious answer is on a road in the middle of a corn field!

Rick changes the coil and gets them running and we are on our way again. We make it to the Redlin Art Center too late for lunch but they are sweet and have saved us lunch in our beautiful keepsake tins. They put on the movie for us and then we tour the museum. Beautiful paintings and we buy some mementos of our trip. A expensive stop but we will have good memories.

One of the things we bought was this painting on a blanket, which we can use in the cabin or Lizzie!