Mitchell to Wall

We start out early because it is a long drive day. It is foggy again in the morning.

Foggy morning

We don’t make it far and stop for Jim and Kathy’s car which stops on them. So it called for a road side seminar.

The seminar must have been interesting because those attending kept growing.

They get things running and we head on. The next stop is at the rest area with the statue called “Dignity”.

The back of her cape.
Linda, Marilynn, Lori, Cheryl, Karen, and Kathy in front of Dignity.

From here we head across the Missouri River.

Crossing the Missouri River.

It makes the Truckee River look like a stream.

We are headed to Wall. I didn’t count the number of signs for Wall, but I think there are more than curves on Iron Mountain Road!

On the way since we stayed on the frontage road instead of the freeway we stopped for a “running board and trunk” picnic lunch on the prairie.

This is Model A tail gating!

I also got some photos of the sunflower fields. I think they are pretty.

Sunflower fields are prettier than corn or hay.

We stop at the Pioneer Auto Museum. It had a little of everything.

Like the saying: One person’s junk is another’s treasure, fit the bill here.
This car was certainly one of a kind.
More than just cars.

Old trunks and suitcases

A soft top pickup and a Model A with snow tracks put on.

We make it to Wall. We walk down town to see the pharmacy, which was closed. We stop and talk to the Ranger at the Grasslands Museum and comment on the native garden. I get my picture of a native prairie sunflower.

These sunflowers were covered with pollinators.

We have dinner across the street from the Wall Drug. I have a buffalo burger. We walk back and call it a night.