Cody, Wyoming to Idaho Falls via Yellowstone Park

We get up early and I get this photo of the sunrise from our campground.

Sunrise in Cody

The fog is just lifting when we go by Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

Morning mist rising.

Bluffs along the Shoshone River
The Shoshone River

We enter Yellowstone Park through the East Entrance and not too far into the park I see my first bear in Yellowstone!

My first sighting of a bear at Yellowstone.
The next wildlife sighting is of this coyote pair.

We continue  on through the park by the Yellowstone River.

We make a stop to see Old Faithful and time it perfect.

Old Faithful erupting

We leave Old Faithful with plans for our next stop to be a picnic lunch, but we somehow loose John and Nancy in all the traffic. We stop at Excelsior Geyser Falls, mistake, we are trapped by all the traffic. We luck out by the time we get to the parking area to get a spot beside a tour bus.

Crater and Falls

We continue on and luck into seeing a meadow with a herd of buffalo.

And here is my up close and personal shot:

We cross the Continental Divide again.

And go by Yellowstone Lake. We see all the devastation from the forest fire.

We finally catch up and find John and Nancy and have our picnic lunch on the Madison River.

Others are enjoying the river by fly fishing.

We have to go through some yucky major road construction, but the sights are well worth it. The fall colors are starting as we head on into Idaho Falls.

When we finally find the right campground – Snake River RV Campground – it is quite nice. We go out to a nice dinner to end another great day.