Idaho Falls to Elko to Verdi (home)

Well I didn’t post last night because where we stayed in Elko didn’t have wifi. But that is ok because I didn’t have a whole lot to report.

We hit wind today , so no wonder we see these wind mills.

We go by the Snake River which makes the Truckee look pretty small.
We go by the Massacre Rocks State Park. (I am assuming for the buffalo)

We go through a lot of agricultural area. This time since we are in Idaho you can add potatoes to the corn fields.

Idaho potato country

We end up in Elko for the night. We have fantastic BBQ’d steaks and fresh sautéed vegetables for dinner. And finish up with apple pie and ice cream bars with caramel topping.

We end the day by enjoying sitting around the “campfire”!

Today we drove home from Elko to Verdi. Ending a great trip to South Dakota. We traveled a total of 2733 miles in the motorhome pulling Lizzie on the trailer. And a total of 1769 miles in Lizzie, for a grand total of 4502 miles for the entire trip. All without incident until I managed to jackknife the trailer into the motorhome in our own driveway!