China Trip – Day 6

Shanghai -> Yuyuan Garden -> Silk Embroidery Shop -> Fly to Yichang -> Century Cruises embark on Century Sun for cruise on the Yangtze River – Weather: Slightly cloudy, mostly sunny, warmer in the 60’s, smog

We get up at 6:30. We set our luggage out by 9, have breakfast, and check out of hotel by 10. We get on the bus and drive by the Bund one last time. This time the sun is out and we can clearly see the skyscrapers.

The skyscrapers of Shanghai – the new financial district.
The ‘can opener’ building and the 2nd highest building in the world. Clear day, but always smog!

We continue on to the Yuyuan Garden, it is 450 years old. It is half of the garden yesterday (900 years old), but I like today’s garden better. It is in the Old Quarter, built during the Ming Dynasty. It is pretty and calming.

You can see the ‘old’ meeting the ‘new’. The old building in the foreground, with the new skyscraper noted in the background, through the smog.e
Rick in the garden.
Me sitting by the tree in bloom.
Koi in pond.
Garden with ponds and koi.
The trees are in bloom adding to the beauty.
I think this bare tree has its own beauty. I like the guy standing by it too!
Intriguing opening from one garden into another area.
Dragon wall in the garden.
Rick and me in front of the dragon wall.
Some of the ancient roof tiles. Each one tells a story.
Rick in the garden.
We found ‘Heaven” for Ninji, too bad it is in China!
Exiting the garden into the Old Town.
Exiting via the ‘crooked’ walkway, which gives you good luck.
Walking around Old Town.
We stopped in a tea shop and bought some of their tea.
Rick buys an ice cream cone, very creamy and tastes like vanilla taffy.

After walking around Old Town we walk the back side streets by local homes and see some local flavor.

I like this photo with shoes, sweater and intestines and meat all drying together on the line! The yard/garden are the flower pots on the walk. And the owner is as interested in us as we are of her!

Next we are back on the bus and go to the Silk Embroidery Shop, where pictures are made by hand with silk thread. They can take any where from months to years to complete. The pieces are amazing, looking almost like photos. We buy a small one of panda bears.

Fascinating watching the hand work. And I thought the embroidery that I do is time consuming!
This is the one we bought. I thought it represents China.
This one of wolves looked so real.
One of the Grand Canal we went on. Amazing hand work.
Another one, this of the Great Wall of China.
A work in progress.
They also did beautiful rugs. This was one in the making. Would love to get one, but for the price would never want to walk on it!

We are then off to have lunch. Next we take the bus to the airport, an hour drive. We say good-by to Scotty our guide for Shanghai. He was 38 years old with one daughter who was 10. At the time she was born they were only allowed to have one child. We board our flight at 5:50 PM. It is a two hour flight to YiChang.

Flight leaving Shanghai to YiChang.

We ride on another bus for an hour to arrive at our cruise ship with Century Cruises. We are on the Century Sun for a four day cruise on the Yangtze River. It is 11 PM when we board the ship. We are in room #511. It is a small room with twin beds, but has an outside balcony. It is midnight and time to go to bed after a very interesting day. Ready to relax a little.

Our boarding pass to cruise.
Room #511 with outside balcony.