China Trip – Day 15

Beijing -> Hong Kong Weather: Cooler/cloudy, smog doesn’t go away but much less in Hong Kong

We get up at our now usual time of 6, shower, and have our luggage out by 7:45. Our things are much easier to fit in since we bought the little carry on for all of our souvenirs! We go to breakfast and leave on the bus for the airport at 8:15. We say good-bye to our fantastic guide – Frank, helping us out up to the last minute, by getting us to the right terminal. We go to the Hong Kong Airlines and check our luggage and get our tickets. Our flight out is at 12:05. Security isn’t bad and we get to Hong Kong at 3:30.

Hong Kong is another huge city. It is located on a deep natural harbor and has a lot of shipping. We go through immigration, get our luggage and meet our new Gate 1 tour guide – Jonathan. His English is much harder to understand than Frank’s was, we were spoiled!

Coming into Hong Kong, it is a cloudy day.
All the shipping cranes in the harbor.
We are on the 14th floor at the Metro Park Hotel (Kowloon).
Guess I am a “country girl” at heart and not a “city girl”, because I can’t get over how they hang their laundry in these huge cities. Country and City are definitely two different cultures, but that is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling is experiencing new and different things!

Only 12 of our original group go onto Hong Kong. We have 45 minutes to get settled in our room and go down and meet our guide, who walks us to the shopping area: “The Lady’s Market”. It is a huge shopping area with everything imaginable, but I don’t see anything we want. We continue on through the streets and end up getting Dim Sum – trying 6 different dishes, beer & tea for 6 people for a total of $42. I liked all of the dishes, especially the barbecued pork ‘in’ a bun – not ‘on’ a bun like in the U.S. We went with Tim & Fred from Bakersfield and Rosie & Bruce from Kamas Washington. We walk back to the hotel and have ‘happy hour’ at the bar with Nancy and John and Tim and Fred. We go to bed at 10.

Busy streets of Hong Kong.
With all kinds of street vendors with a huge assortment of regional specialties to choose from.
Walking back to the hotel I saw this sign and wondered where the school was? ? They certainly don’t have a play ground like in Verdi!