China Trip – Day 16

Hong Kong: Tour of Hong Kong Island – Victoria Peak and down via cog railway, Stanley Market, along the coast by Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay to Aberdeen Harbor and take both a day & a night cruise to see Hong Kong.

Weather: Blue sky/clouds, in the 70’s, at night the clouds come in more.

We get up at 6:30, shower, have breakfast and meet in the lobby at 9:00. We get on a bus to tour Hong Kong Island.

We leave the hustle and bustle of the big city, with skyscrapers everywhere.
And I guess you can find a McDonalds most anywhere, (even next to an “hourly hotel”, maybe not quite the high rent district like in the photo before).

We head up a curvy little mountain road, driving on the left hand side to the top of the “Peak”, which is the highest mountain on the island.

Small and curvy, we ascend
on the left hand side of the road
Peak Road that is, which goes to the ‘Peak’!
On our way up
the vegetation gets thicker and greener!
I like seeing the green, trees, and the mountains! (No smog, just clouds)
And I can even see blue sky!
It is a very pretty view of Hong Kong from the top.
I am enjoying the day.
We are enjoying the day together! Better enjoy the sights while you can see them, the clouds are coming in.
Rick and our guide Jonathon on the top of the Peak looking down on Hong Kong.

We come down off the peak via a cog railway. Rick gets spooked thinking it is going to be an open gondola. I tell him he does ski lifts so he can do this. But it is nothing like that and he does fine.

The Tram, all enclosed like a train car.
The track and not even very far off the ground!
On our way down off the mountain.
Coming down
Looking back up the mountain and the top is already covered in clouds. We timed that perfect!

On our way back we ride along Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay. We make a stop at Stanley Market. I like it and we do some shopping for Jenner and Mackenzie (T-shirts with their name written in Chinese and a little Chinese dress and a Chinese shirt). We continue on to Aberdeen Harbor and take a boat ride through the harbor. There are every kind of boat you can think of from working to very expensive yachts.

Our boat
Heading out of the harbor.
Going out of Aberdeen Harbor, looking back at Hong Kong.
Some of the boats we pass.
Fishing boats

We are then back to the hotel and have lunch there. We end up running into John and Nancy who had met up with an old employee of John’s who is Chinese and happened to be in Hong Kong visiting with family. It really is a very small world!

We have until 4:45 when we meet up again and go on the Hong Kong Harbor Night Cruise. We have drinks and enjoy the night lights of Hong Kong as they come on as it goes from dusk to dark.

Looks like Rick needs a couple more drinks to be having as good a time as John!
Me on the Harbor Cruise.
This is our boat for the Night Harbor Cruise.
The night lights start coming on
The dji building is a giant toy shop. The people in lights circle the building as if they were walking around it.
The clouds make an interesting back drop.
Some reflection on the water from the lights.
It is a little choppy – don’t know if those drinks are catching up or it is just the water!
Either way I think we all are having a good time.
It is a really pretty site with the reflection of the lights getting greater.

We get back and at 7:30 we go to a very high end Chinese restaurant overlooking the harbor. We have a window table. They do a laser light show with music but we opt to just watch from our table. After dinner we go and walk in the city center and take some more pictures before we call it a day.

Rick in the city center with night lights in Hong Kong.
The ending of a very full day.
It is time to bring another day to a close. (Clock in Hong Hong City Center)

We make it to bed by 10:30.