China Trip – Day 18

Hong Kong->Beijing->Los Angeles->Reno->Verdi (home) 30+ hour day! Weather: Hong Kong: raining, Beijing: sunny & smog, LA: blue sky with clouds, Reno: night time, COLD and suppose to snow.

We get up at 4:30! I can tell it is going to be a LONG day. What a way to leave China. We are in the lobby by 5:15 with our luggage and leave in a small van with Jonathan for the airport. He helps us get our luggage checked through to LA, which is a big help, then we are on our own. We go through security checks without any problems. We have to take a shuttle out to the plane and board up stairs, in the rain, onto the plane. The plane is to leave at 8:30, so we are now already 4 hours into our 30+ hour day and so far so good.

Boarding plane in Hong Kong, leaving for home.
Leaving Hong Kong

We make the 3 hour flight and go through a lot of security checks even for just a transfer. All goes well until we have to ‘strip’ for the last check before our gate and guess who leaves her passport AND boarding pass in the basket!! Yep, yours truly, because the guard took it away from me and put it in a basket (yeah, yeah excuses, excuses). Luckily Rick came after me and saw them just sitting in a basket, lucky for me or I would have been in a world of hurt at the final gate!

It is now 1:00 and we don’t board until 2:30, so Rick goes looking for some food for us, hoping to find something that will take US cash or credit card because we have spent our Hong Kong currency and have no Chinese yen left. He is successful at a Burger King, oh well, guess we need to start acclimating away from chicken and rice every meal. Will a spicy chicken sandwich fit the bill? Yup, it went down just fine.

We board the plane and settle in for the 12 hour flight to LAX. We have a window and middle seat for the flight. We don’t get much sleep ,but not a bad flight.

Good bye China!
Smog and all, but really a great trip!

We get to LA and the wait through customs isn’t bad. Maybe we are getting the hang of it! (using modern technology and Rick’s iPhone made things a lot faster).

While we are in LA waiting for our final flight home to Reno, Rick gets a call from Nick that they had to call 911 and REMSA took Grandma/Mom to the ER. So when we land in Reno, Nick meets us and takes us straight to St. Mary’s hospital. Mom is still in ER. The hospitals are all very busy with respiratory illnesses and Northern Nevada was on divert so Mom was taken to Saints. We wait and find out she has pneumonia and is in A-Fib! They put her in an ICU bed. She is stable and we head for home. Carrie and Jim stay with her.

It has been an extremely long day. We have now been up over 30 hours! So it brings to end a very interesting trip, full of new, exciting and different experiences, that we fully enjoyed, but we are now tired and glad to be home. Nothing like HOME, SWEET, HOME (and your own bed)!

Just a little post addendum:

It has now been 5 weeks since Mom was discharged from ICU to home with Home Health Care to help us both out. I think we all have recuperated, she was discharged from all therapies, and we are all ready to head onto to our next adventures in life!